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                Welcome to Xinhe Shuixing Hydraulic Machinery Factory!

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                Professional Customer Service Team to Help you out.

                Our enterprise has built a sincere cooperation relationship with new and old customers by virtue of excellent products quality, warm and thoughtful service and reasonable price. The enterprise’s main product – Trash Remover, has gained well-deserved reputation in the industry for the simple reason that the enterprise has the following advantages regarding high quality, lower price, and lower maintenance cost. Xinhe Shuixing Hydraulic Machinery Factory makes it true that the Trash Remover serves the public and promotes environment improvement.

                Service Hotline:+86-319-4751093 Email:shuixingsg@163.com

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                Experienced, Product Variety, Affordable

                Since the establishment of our company in 2007, our focus has been on the manufacturing of cleaning machines, hoist, gates, screw hoists, iron gates, hoist winchs, steel gates and other equipment. Our company is an integrative business which specializes in research, manufacturing, metal structures, casting, machining, heat treatment. Our optimal industrial and organizational structure ensures high competitiveness with aims to develops high quality products at reasonable prices.

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                     Xinhe Shuixing Hydraulic Machinery Factory, the star of hydraulic machinery industry, is an integrated enterprise which combines R&D, manufacture, metal structure, cast, machining, heat treatment and final assembly as a whole. The number of..

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